September 1, 1990: “AZTEC YELLOW”® — Patented Daylily Debut

“AZTEC YELLOW”® — Patented Daylily Debut

In response to the gardening public’s demand, Dr. Jack Roberson, hybridizer and grower of new hybrid daylilies, has developed ‘Aztec Yellow’® daylily (PPAF). “I have seen perhaps a half-million seedlings” says Roberson, “and this one meets the performance demands to be patented.”

The position of ‘Aztec Yellow’® as first patented daylily became evident as pre-patent research was conducted by Dr. Roberson’s patent attorney. To date, no record of a previously patented daylily has been found. Roberson says this new cultivar was created in response to the need (both in private and commercial arenas) for a very low, compact growing yellow daylily that would clump rapidly and quickly give that solid mass “colorscape” everyone wants. Due to the small root size, low scape and rapid clumping ability, ‘Aztec Yellow’® makes an ideal plant for containerized growing.

Much of the gardening public is acquainted with ‘Aztec Gold’ (a non-registered daylily and a parent plant of Aztec Yellow) and has enjoyed the benefits of its colorscaping characteristics. “However”, says Roberson, “we have repeatedly had calls for a plant that grows and performs like ‘Aztec Gold’, but is a true yellow in bloom color.” Yellow is the number one desired daylily color because of its visual carrying power in the landscape. In ‘Aztec Yellow’® we feel we have achieved all the desirable characteristics of ‘Aztec Gold’ plus additional ones: evergreen foliage, better bloom substance and the true yellow bloom the public has asked for” Jack explains. Because the demand for an ‘Aztec Yellow’® daylily has been so widespread, Dr. Roberson now brings this new landscape favorite to the gardening public.

Dr. Roberson has been hybridizing and growing daylilies for nearly twenty years and has just recently moved his field growing operation of daylilies and perennials from Houston, Texas to Grain Valley, Missouri (near Kansas City). He and his wife, Jo, operate a mail order nursery and produce a color catalog, which has been said to be the “Neiman-Marcus” of garden catalogs. Dr. Roberson has received some attention in the recent past for his other hybrids developed for both the home collector garden and the commercial landscape needs.

Daylilies are the American favorite for they are truly the hardiest and most versatile perennial. “They have to be hardy because even the most avid gardeners are busy people in this day and time” says Roberson, “but, they must be beautiful also to fulfill a hybridizer’s sense of thrill and pride in his new creation. In our high tech society, everything has to get better — the public expects it — and rightly so. My own sense of fulfillment in creating, directed by the desires of the public, forms the basis of my hybridizing program.”

American Daylily & Perennials, Inc., the Roberson’s family-owned mail order nursery, offers uniquely qualified professional service to all parts of the United States. Product freshness is guaranteed because they grow all the daylilies they ship. Cultural instructions, based on the Roberson’s years of experience, are enclosed with every order. The Robersons enjoy being able to share their expertise with both amateur and professional gardeners who call or write for assistance.

For information on the availability of “Aztec Yellow”®, write American Daylily & Perennials, P. 0. Box 210, Dept AY, Grain Valley, MO 64029 or call (816) 224-2852. For color catalog, send name, address and $3.00 (deductible on first order).