Wholesale Daylilies

At American Daylily and Perrenials we offer over 180 varieties of unique line of Daylielies at wholesale prices.
Favorites like:


Plum Perfect

Eenie Weenie

Frankly Scarlet

To view the pricing now online all you need to do is register or if you would like us to mail you a wholesale catalog please fill out the for to order a wholesale catalog.

Wholesale Order Criteria

In order to qualify for the wholesale pricing you will need to make sure your order meets the following criteria:

1. You need to purchase the minimum amount required of each plant (no mixing and matching)
2. The minimum amount for a wholesale order is $250. (minimum price does not include shipping)

Example of Our Wholesale Daylily Wholesale pricing

Our Daylily Wholsale pricing is presented in the following manner

Single Fans:

10-50: $0.00
51-499: $0.00
500+: $0.00

#1 – 1 to 2 Fans:

10-50: $0.00
51-499: $0.00
500+: $0.00

Mini Clumps:

10-50: $0.00
51-499: $0.00
500+: $0.00

Wholesale Plant Size Info


Mini Clump:

A 2-4 fan clump that provides the impact and bare-root equivalent of a finished one gallon container. Small rooted varieties (like Stella de Oro, etc) are shipped as 3-5 fans, and large rooted varieties (like Mary Todd, etc) are typically 2-3 fans.


One to two fan unit that is a 2 year mature, blooming sized plant. Especially appropriate when planting at the optimum growth season in your area and ideal for potting in a 1 gallon container.


Single fan unit; cost effective when large quantities are required and appropriate for potting in a quart container.
So whether your a retail nursery owner, or just a home gardener please enjoy our wholesale prices for Wholesale Daylilies, wholesale Lantanas or wholesale Cannas today.

To see wholesale pricing online please register here. or give us a call at (800) 770-2777

Wholesale Planting & Shipping Seasons

PLANTING SEASONS & ZONES Policies (USDA zones 3-10)
Zone 4-6 – Spring planting recommended
Zones 7-8 – Spring or fall; fall optimum
Zones 9-10 – Plant anytime except July and August; fall planting recommended

Our Shipping Season and Policies

Daylilies: April – November (or later if we are able to dig)